Walking & Hiking Ideas in the Hautes-Pyrénées

The benefits of a good mountain outing are no longer to be demonstrated for both body and mind, it's so true!

Enjoy these moments of serenity and pure happiness with your family, in pairs or in groups.

The Hautes-Pyrénées and the Val d'Azun in particular offer you countless opportunities for family walks accessible to all but also mountain challenges, in a preserved nature and exceptional panoramas.

Flora of the Val d'Azun (PDF)

We present you here a non-exhaustive list (far from it) of our favorites.

Feel free to share your photos and experiences on our Facebook page,

we will thus feed the list below.

These indications are provided to give ideas and do not replace an IGN map, a Topo. For any outing, be well equipped, don't forget gourd, hats, jacket, sunscreen and provisions!

Lake Soum - Val d'Azun

Lake Soum

Very Easy Walk

A short family walk, possible with very young children

Departure from the Col du Soulor

2H loop - Déniv 200m

The pluses:

Magnificent view at the foot of Gabizos

Panorama Val d'Azun and Ouzom Valley

Meeting of herds in summertime

Break at La Tachouère, Auberge miam!

La Cabane de Bouleste - Val d'Azun

La Cabane de Bouleste

Not a difficult hike,

Possible with the family, sustained attention at the start!

Departure from Tech Lake

3H A/R - Déniv + 500m

The pluses:

Departure from the Tech Dam, very nice site

Passage through "La Prairie aux Marmottes", most likely meeting

Numerous herds in summertime

Beauty of the landscapes

Le Refuge du Larribet - Val d'Azun

Le Refuge du Larribet

Hiking moderately difficult

Possible with children (10 years old) who are quite sporty

Departure from Plaa d'Aste (after Tech Dam)

4h30 A/R - Déniv+ 600m

The pluses:

In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park (no dogs)

Sumptuous landscapes: Lake Suyen, La Claou

Passage to the very nice Larribet refuge

Possible meeting with the Isards

Possibility of ascent to the Batcrabère Lakes (+2h)

The Pic de Bazes - Val d'Azun

The Pic de Bazes

Hiking moderately difficult, Final ascent more difficult

Departure from the Col de Couraduque, possible from the Camping

3H loop - Déniv+ 520m (from the campsite: +2h30 and +1000m)

The pluses:

Splendid 360° at the top

Varied landscapes

Possible departure from the campsite

Possibility to stop at the Col de Bazès for the - reckless ones!

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